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The US National Council for Aging Care Fact sheet: Falls – the biggest threat to senior health and safety 


Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare Best Practice Guidelines for Preventing Falls and Harm From Falls in Older People


Hospital_guidelines Hospital_guidelines Hospital_implementation guide
Guidelines Guidebook Implementation guide

Residential aged care facilities

RAC_guidebook RAC_guidebook Hospital_implementation guide
Guidelines Guidebook Implementation guide

Community care

Comm_care_guidebook Comm_care_guidebook
Guidelines Guidebook


Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare Factsheets

Support staff 
Patients and carers
Health managers
Allied Health Professionals
Residential aged care facilities
Support staff
Health managers
Allied Health Professionals
Community care
Allied Health Professionals

Useful links – Australia and New Zealand

Falls Prevention
Victoria Health – Wellbeing and participation to promote healthy ageing 
Clinical Excellence Commission (NSW Falls Prevention Program)
Queensland Stay on Your Feet® Falls Prevention Guidelines
South Australian Falls Prevention and Management
Stay on Your Feet®WA – Resources for health professionals
Active and Healthy NSW – Find an exercise program
Health Quality and Safety Commission New Zealand
Injury Prevention
Injury Matters Western Australia 
Injury Prevention in Australia – Department of Health and Ageing
National Injury Surveillance Unit 
NSW Injury Risk Management Research Centre
Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit
Injury Management
Hip Fracture Care Clinical Care Standard
Independent Living
Home Modification Information Clearinghouse – Independent living and community services
Independent Living Centre NSW – Assistive technology


Australian and State sites with information about fall prevention
Name State Link Description
The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care AUS

Hospital guidelines: aged care guidelines: care guidelines:
The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care assists health services to reduce the number of falls, and the resulting patient harm, through a number of national initiatives.This site includes Australia’s National Guidelines: Preventing Falls and Harm From Falls in Older People: Best Practice Guidelines for Australian Hospitals, Residential Aged Care Facilities and Community Care 2009. The guidelines provide a consistent national basis for falls prevention.
Australian and NZ Hip fracture registry AUS
Includes a link to the Falls and Fragility Fracture Audit Programme (UK):
The ANZHFR sets out to achieve a number of goals including:•The development of ANZ Guidelines for hip fracture care•Defining standards of care and measurable quality indicators•Ultimately to develop a ANZ registry to allow for timely comparison of meaningful data which should be used to understand practice and trigger the case for change in places where care might possibly be improved
Community falls prevention sustainability resource package The resources available assist organisations to sustain falls prevention activities beyond any funding periods. The package comprises guidelines and a workbook, a presentation for staff training, a supporting document which summarises the rationale for the guidelines, and a guidance sheet on how to use these materials.
Stay On Your Feet WA ® WA Stay On Your Feet WA® is a community awareness raising program which aims to promote healthy, active ageing in WA to reduce falls and the severity of fall-related injuries among seniors.
WA Falls Prevention Health Network resources WA   The WA Falls Prevention Health Network has produced or supported the development of the following resources (see following links):

  • E-learning package for fall prevention in hospital settings
  • Falls Risk Management Tool and Audit Tool
  • Post-Fall Management Guidelines in Western Australian Healthcare Settings
  • WA Falls Prevention Model of Care


e-learning package for fall prevention in hospital settings WA An online learning package outlining the process of assessing a patient’s risk of falls and identifying and applying appropriate prevention strategies in the hospital setting.  It takes 30-40minutes to complete.
Falls Risk Management Tool and Audit Tool WA A falls prevention tool used for all inpatients to identify those at risk of falls, assess their risk factors and assign appropriate interventions. An audit tool to monitor its use is also available.
Post-Fall Management Guidelines in Western Australian Healthcare Settings WA A statewide policy to enable a consistent and best-practice approach to post-fall assessment, management and follow-up in WA hospitals, health services and multi-purpose sites (MPS).
WA Falls Prevention Model of Care WA

Fall prevention strategies_2014

An overarching policy document providing a vision and direction for falls prevention activities across WA

Evidence for fall prevention strategies in the community, residential and hospital care settings.

Stay On Your Feet TAS® TAS Provides falls information and resources for health professionals and the community
NSW Falls prevention network NSW  Shares knowledge, expertise, and resources on falls injury prevention. The NSW Falls Prevention Network activities are part of the implementation of the NSW Falls Prevention Policy funded by the NSW Ministry of Health.
Clinical Excellence Commission, NSW Falls Prevention Program NSW
Active and Healthy website NSW
Vic government of health VIC Resources for health professionals, seniors, families and carers and others with an interest in falls prevention to help reduce the risk of falls and fall-related injuries. It includes over 90 resources many developed by organisations funded by the Victorian Government Department of Health to implement projects in residential aged care facilities and for people living independently in their own homes.
Falls prevention SA SA  The ‘Falls Prevention in SA’ website provides a one-stop-shop of falls prevention and management information for members of the public, health professionals, General Practitioners, and carers.
Centre of Physical Activity and Ageing SA Centre for Physical Activity in Ageing (SA) The aim of the CPAA is to “Contribute to the quality of life of individuals through the provision of specialised physical rehabilitation, health promotion, scientific research and educational programs”.
The SA Health Falls Prevention Program SA Information for consumers on fall and fall prevention  Provides a large number of falls prevention resources, guidelines and tools
Queensland Stay On Your Feet QLD 
LiFE Program to prevent falls in older people WA Introduction to the Lifestyle-integrated Function Exercise (LiFE) Program to prevent falls in older adults
Other useful resources

Dementia Australia:
Osteoporosis Australia:
Council on the Ageing (COTA) – Australia:
Home Modifications Clearinghouse:
Independent Living Centres – Australia:
Independent Living Centre NSW:
Macular Disease Foundation Australia:
Australian physical activity guidelines – The Department of Health:

Other International resources

Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Older Adult Falls (USA):

Preventing Falls:

Cost of Falls Among Older Adults:

iStoppFalls Consortium: iStoppFalls involves representatives of world-leading technology and research experts from both university and industry partners in Europe and Australia. The program will strengthen collaboration between research and technology which will provide tailored solutions for the ageing society.:

Falls and Bone Health Community: The online Falls and Bone Health Community is a group of people in Scotland with a common interest in the prevention and management of falls and fragility fractures in older people.:

Patient Safety Division, National Health Service England

PROFANE – Prevention of Falls Network Earth Community Online – Supporting Falls Prevention Professionals Worldwide:


SafetyLit: Provides abstracts of reports from researchers who work in the more than 30 professional disciplines relevant to preventing unintentional injuries, violence, and self-harm.

Injury Prevention Online:

Injury Prevention Web:

Research Review Australia:

Key publications

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